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Modermist-cooking blog authorDear Readers!

My name is Jonah C. Andersson, originally from Philippines but now living in Sweden. I have created this blog out of my passion for cooking. Aside from my interests in tech-stuff, travel, books, gardening, photography, and playing chess, I also enjoy cooking as well as writing; therefore, I created blog to jot down and share my food recipes to everybody. To me, cooking delicious and healthy food at home is fun and exciting. It is one of my greatest passions and hobbies I enjoy doing. I am the type of person who prefers to cook my own food at home rather than eating food from a restaurant. Of course, it can be fancy to just sit and wait for your food to be served, but I think it is more exciting if you knew what is in the food you eat and how it was cooked.

By profession, I am not a chef as I did not spend a few years of in school studying culinary arts, however, I have learned my cooking skills from the cooking books and blogs I read online. Also, I enjoy the same passion for cooking with my husband. We are both the “chefs” of our own kitchen at home. We both enjoy the science and art of cooking.

You will find a lot of cooking recipes online these days, but I see cooking as an art where you can apply your personal touch of creativity to create those palatable flavors into your food. I also enjoy taking photos of the food I cooked. So, you can definitely expect to see at least a picture of the food or recipe I blogged about.

I aim to share my food recipes, information, and tips about cooking Sous-Vide (Modernist Cooking Way), LCHF (Low-Carb High Fat Recipes), Ketogenic Recipes, Kitchen Equipment Reviews, and Food Product Reviews, Kitchen Tips, and more.

This food blog is a personal blog and is non-commercial. However, if you are also someone who is interested in cooking and would like to share your own recipes, feel free to contact me using the e-mail address below. It would be my pleasure to publish and share your recipes to the world!

For questions feel free to leave me an e-mail to jonah@modernist-cooking.com or leave your comments!

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